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We are cultural technologists providing curated products and services.

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A curation of reportages around the world's state of affairs.

A Curated World-view


Sifting through the thoughts, ideas, products, industries, economic sectors, facts, socio-cultural and states of affairs from the various interests and perspectives shaping our world and view to reimagine new digital solutions, products, platforms and systems.  

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Digital globalization and the new era of global flows. Soaring flows of data and information now generate more economic value than the global goods trade. Read full executive summary or full report on McKinsey

Podcast It's not incompetence, but competence, that causes companies to be disrupted. That applies to big companies and small, as well as people too. Or so argue Clayton Christensen and Marc Andreessen in this podcast between the a16z co-founder and Harvard Business School professor Christensen.