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We are cultural technologists providing curated products and services.



In the 21c that means that your company is performing in concert as a profitable and sustainable value chain for the long term -- creating change with a positive impact across your organization and in a way that resonates with customers around the world. For the next generation, brands require a foundation with digital as a core capability, driven by multi-textural and multi-contextual data to translate and enable new revenue streams, optimize cost efficiencies, getting to market faster and experience new dimensions to their relationship with customers.

With passion and curiosity for everything cultural and creative, our initial modes of communication are rooted in cultural capital conversations and taking small but measured bets that seem more speculative before moving into an iterative process.  Our mission is to challenge and enable the world's key decision makers with innovative and creative value chain solutions at the intersection of commerce, culture and technology.  Our vision is to bridge consumer desires, human needs & the digital landscape with innovative solutions that are at once consumer centric and as seamless and simple as those offered by the best digital start-ups.

We research, explore, concept, design, incubate, and develop innovative new ways to curate a company's product offering to better support risk taking and digital investments that are courageous, new, adds value and creates a "spirit of digital".  From preliminary discrete digital initiatives; to new ways of working to increase collaborations with customers for more ideas that come from the market that is refreshingly customer centric; to a view of emerging startup technologies; to building internal networks and bridges; to repositions and repurposes to create exciting next generation global brand offerings.  

We are driven to connect and create products and services that build high value global networks, explore refreshing new business models and embed technology into core business thinking. Our aim is to surface insights that spark innovative products and processes and revolutionary new ideas that form the seed to drive next big growth areas that are both core to what you do and a bit uncomfortable, for exciting new global opportunities in the changing international economic landscape to stay relevant. 

By 2020, a quarter of global wealth will be concentrated in just 60 mega-cities, some of which will be larger than countries.

We invest, connect and work with the world's public, private and non-profit sectors key decision makers. ACW explores the world with our partners and clients focused on the quaternary sector of the economy, through these four distinct areas:  


We specialize in concepting and re-imagining content, commerce, data and social.


Elegant creative technology solutions that are simple yet sophisticated features and systems built for scale and accessible from any mobile, handheld or desktop device.  We explore modularity, interoperability, data and open-source technologies.


We specialize in connecting global funds and the world's most exciting brands and entrepreneurs in the fashion, luxury, culture, lifestyle, media and technology arena.

Creative Partnerships

World-class teams and influencer networks from around the globe - curating inspirational partners, people, talent & experiences. A focused interest in technology at the intersection of consumer centric experiences in everyday lifestyle, luxury, culture, media and fashion.